Bahira Town - Rawalpindi

While the city is home to one of the most precious legacies of the Pakistani history and culture, it has now transformed into a mere concrete jungle with no or very less natural resources around.

This is where Bahria Town Rawalpindi has brought in the most advanced development along with the management of all the rich history and natural resources of the Islamabad city. The master plan of the city thoroughly involves the collective setting of flora and fauna with all the state of the art lifestyles to the local and global communities. Dreams turns into reality at Bahria Town Rawalpindi as you can witness the most exemplary luxurious lifestyles with a hint of traditional essence.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of real estate professionals and managers always comes as a valuable asset and we further believe that all of the efficiency within the organization, machinery, and most advanced industrial landscape and technology doesn’t come useful without the presence of an efficient manpower. We always go by the belief which has been infused to use by our chairman MALIK RIAZ HUSSAIN and Ali Riaz Malik which states: “We shall grow as a company through the growth of our people”. We have further ensured putting it through in the right manner possible to our Company policies for overall employee development .We have always been guided and motivated by our founder Malik riaz hussain and CEO Ali ahmed riaz in the same process.


Our mission

With all the motivation and guidance of our chairman and founder Malik riaz hussain, our mission is to take the economic growth of Pakistan to greater heights .This has been done with the help of probing collaborations, Innovative Research and most advanced Education system in place. We are further indulged in creating knowledge expertise in various domains whilst bringing along a detailed implementation of the same knowledge into various local and global communities.

Our Vision

Bahria Town Rawalpindi developments have further provided a big platform to represent the rich culture & architectural history to the world. Still it’s our vision under the support and guidance of our chairman Malik riaz hussain and our CEO Ali ahmed riaz, that has made us treasure the basic ethnicity and serenity of the natural surroundings whilst ensuring a progressive residential lifestyle alongside. The project further involves a big list of Farm houses, traditional bungalow type large land formats, economy housing and luxury lifestyle and this has further been molded into an overall adaptable and diverse community altogether. You would simply love and cherish the exemplary Health facilities and entertainment whilst going through the other commercial and business opportunities .All of these developments and establishments have made Bahria Town Rawalpindi as a frontrunner amongst most of the other residential projects around the country.

Projects of Bahria Town Rawalpindi